February 25, 2014

Garry Liimatta Open Sea Footage of Cadborosaurus?

Did Gary Liimatta of Vancouver Island capture a Cadborosaurus on video in the 1970s?

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Reference by the BCSCC to this perhaps being footage of a Cadborosaurus:

Operation CaddyScan had set up video cameras at a location in Saanich Inlet following a Cadborosaurus sighting days earlier and on July 26th, 1999 an unusual creature with an undulating locomotion swam into view of the camera and stayed in view for over two minutes. No animal known to inhabit British Columbia waters locomotes like the creature in the video except for Cadborosaurus and its freshwater counterpart, Ogopogo of Okanagan Lake. This is possibly the second piece of footage obtained of Cadborosaurus following the capturing of a large reptilian head on film in the 1970s. Gary Liimatta of Vancouver Island filmed the creature during a spell on the water at some point during a calm evening. It is hard to tell exactly what Gary captured but the head bears a cursory resemblance to a giant turtle.

Stills from the footage:





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