December 6, 2011

Help Fund a New Bigfoot Book!

Rusty Wilson, whose Bigfoot Campfire Books were featured here on Cryptomundo last month, is working on a new Bigfoot book.

He has started a funding campaign for the new book, and he is offering some pretty cool incentives for those wishing to donate to the cause.

You can read the donation and incentive details on the page set up for the project here: The Bigfoot Runes

Hello. I’m Rusty Wilson, and I’d like to ask you to join me in an exciting project. I’ve been a flyfishing guide since I was 25, and since I’m now 50, that means 25 years of taking people into the backcountry. As they say, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

I usually do trips that last several days or even a week, and we usually end up sitting around the campfire in the evenings. I don’t make a lot of money as a guide, but for me, these campfire times are where my gold is because I get to hear about people’s lives and their stories. And you know how it is when you’re sitting around a campfire, after awhile, it gets late, the stars are out, and the stories turn to the mysteries of the universe and this big planet Earth.

And one of those mysteries is Bigfoot. After all the stories I’ve heard, I believe this creature exists. I’ve had people tell me about their encounters, hearing noises and actually seeing this creature, and the number and variety of people who have seen Bigfoot never ceases to astound me. Quite often, people who have never shared their encounter will tell their stories around the campfire—there’s something about it that makes them feel comfortable enough to talk.

After I’d heard a number of these stories, I started carrying a little pocket recorder and getting them down, always with permission, of course, though most everyone didn’t want their names or the place where they’d had their encounter revealed. I’ve collected these for years, and I have a buddy who’s a Bigfoot researcher who told me I should get them into print—it would maybe make others feel less crazy for what they’d seen, and the stories were also pretty entertaining.

So I did. I put a few of these together into my first book, “Rusty Wilson’s Bigfoot Campfire Stories.” That book is now listed in the Top 10 Sasquatch Books by Books to Believe In, and I’ve even heard from several teachers that they use the book to get their reluctant high-school readers to read. So that’s been good. I’ve since come out with several other collections, lots of fun stories, and some not so fun, just plain terrifying.

Anyway, I’m here because I need your help. In my first book, the last story is about a fellow who discovers a cave, and in that cave is a big book. He’s scared to death, but manages to photograph every page in that book, then he take the photos to a linguistics prof. The guy then goes back to the cave, which is in the limestone cliffs in the Flattop Mountains of Colorado, and disappears. The prof starts working on trying to translate the book, which is full of characters that look a lot like runes.

That’s where the story ended. (You can read this story on my blog.) I actually didn’t get this story around the campfire, it’s the only one that came to me from a fellow calling me because he’d heard I was into Bigfoot. That fellow was this prof. I had no idea what happened after that until he recently contacted me, telling me he now had the rest of the story. What I found out pretty much blew my mind.

I would now like to put that story into book form, and that’s where you come in. I need to raise some money to do this. Books aren’t cheap to do, and I need to hire an editor, a cover designer, and someone to do the book layout. I’m hoping to raise at least $3,000 to do this, and I’m going to match that with my own time.

If you decide you want to help, I’ve come up with some cool stuff, which you can read about here on Kickstarter. There’s a whole tier of things, from copies of my previous books to having this book dedicated to you. I’m calling it “The Bigfoot Runes.” It’s a wild and mind-blowing story that will take you deep into Bigfoot territory, and not just the physical landscape, but also the landscape of the mystery of Bigfoot. I hope you’ll join me.

You can check out my books on,,, and various other book sites by searching on Rusty Wilson. I’m hoping to have the book ready by March of 2012, but you’ll get copies of my earlier Bigfoot books as soon as this project is funded. I promise a good read, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks in advance, and keep on Squatchin’.

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