January 3, 2007

Face to Face with the White Thing

Cryptomundo reader tlrogers commented to the post about the White Thing of Alabama about a white thing he/she had encountered in Illinois.

It was apparently not about the same White Thing, which was reported to be a Bigfoot creature of some sorts, whereas tlrogers’ account sounds like some kind of feral human.

Following is tlrogers’ account:

I came face to face to the white thing. He is human like we are but I believe he is a race of human that lives within the earth. He called me by my name. I didn’t believe it at first and told my younger brother I would bring the dog home to show him it was nothing to worry about. I didn’t he was very human like we are. The screams are high pitch. He had no eyes and only holes where the ears should be. He was crawling on his hands and knees when I first saw him and stopped to look at him. The second time I saw him he was running like a human but he wasn’t moving his arms while running. I know they are out there. I found out my grandfather and his brothers seen it also when they were young but that is another story. Their farm where they were raised is under a man made lake for some reason.

tlrogers followed up this initial account with the following:

I am writing a book on the White Thing that I saw in Southern Illinois. So I continually searching for articles on the same creature I saw.

He spoke my name so I know it can speak our language. He was very thin and white with no hair. I stood there the first time to see what kind of dog it was to take it to my brother and show him it wasn’t nothing to be afraid of but he was too human and crawled on his hands and knees as fast as I ran. I looked into trying to find out what it was at the time but it became to stressful for me and I asked it to leave until I could accept him without any fear.

I believe there are many of these creatures after my great uncle told me the story about when my grandfather and his seven brothers seen the same kind of creature.

There has been no response from tlrogers to my email inquiries regarding his/her encounters with this creature.


Cryptomundo reader tomdee27 has apparently found another account of tlrogers’ encounter. 

On a website called Mystical Universe, there is a report submitted by a Terry R of an encounter with the ‘white thing’ in Illinois. No mention there however of the ‘white thing’ calling anyone by name. I would think that this would be a significant part of the story to be left out though. 

Reported by: Terry R – Kenton, TN – May 31, 2000 – 3:16 PM EST
Subject: See explanation below – Location: du quoin, IL. – County: Perry – Date: spring 1967 – Time: almost dark

Event Description:
It was almost dark in the Spring of 1967. I had heard about the ‘white thing’ by some other kids around the neighborhood and had promised them I would bring the dog to them when I caught it.

My girlfriend had just let me off of my fender of my bike and I told her to ride my bike back to my house and I would go to the gas station and be back here, in front of the park before her. My house was two houses down and we were behind the storage building behind the gas station.

I took off running along the fence that separated the park and gas station. There was an opening at the end that I could get through to the gas station. While I was running I noticed something white. I thought here is that dog so I stopped. It stopped also. I saw it turn its head toward me. Its head was shaped like a human and as he turned its head I saw it had no eyes, no ears except for holes, very small close nose to the face and a slit for a mouth. I looked to see what kind of animal it could be. I followed the arms and saw the hands and the long slender body with no tail and its legs bent at the knees and the feet just like a human. Then I realized this thing was tall and crawled as fast as I could run so I took off running to my girlfriend and jumping on the bike. I never told anyone what I saw then. It also ran like a man after my sister, girlfriend, and me one night right before dark.

There are other things about this story so I am writing a book about this time in my life. If you were there at that time, you can help me with my story.

If not, but have seen a thing like, this let me know. There has to be more because later at a family reunion I found out my grandfather and his brothers had seen the same thing. I want to have this information for a second book.

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