March 1, 2007

Invisible Bigfoot?

Cryptomundo reader silvereagle has alluded to Lawrence Livermore National Labs having had several bigfoot in captivity in the 60’s. Several other Cryptomundo readers had asked for more information regarding this. He posted the following as a comment and I decided to post it as a separate blog.

It was fairly common knowledge in the east bay area during the late 60’s and early 70’s, that Lawrence Livermore National Labs had several bigfoot in captivity in the 60’s. UC Berkeley staff also participated in the study. The first bigfoot caught them by surprise, when it escaped by walking out the door when the janitor came in to clean out, what everyone thought was an empty holding cell. It remained at large inside the building for a couple of weeks, before it found its own way out. There was some panic but I believe that only a few people stayed at home, since it was technically 4th dimensional. The 4th dimension description was not decided, until a later time and at UC Berkeley, I believe. Stephen Hawkings participated to some degree in later studies in 1974-1975. The scientists did continue to study the bigfoot while it was at large. They did so by standing in front of its travel path and letting it walk right through them. They were able to determine that it held no ill will toward its captors, and that it was only trying to get out of the building.

They were more prepared for the second one that they held captive. During that study, they had 24 hour multiple observer surveillance and multiple cameras running. At no time was no camera not running. They both witnessed and photographed the Bigfoots many cycles of transition from our 3 dimensions to several 4th dimension phases. This one escaped in the exact same way as the first, because apparently it did not return from a 4th dimension phase. So they believe that it had escaped on its own. It too roamed THE LAB, for a couple of weeks. It made its way to a break room and both ate food there and made a mess during the night that was left to be discovered the next day. They relied on the secretaries to detect where the 4th dimensional bigfoot was, since they were more sensitive than the men and could better sense the electromagnetic cloud that was associated with its presence. Apparently, it liked to sneak up on the secretaries from behind, when they came in for coffee. So there were a few dropped coffee pots and burnt toes. They drove this one out of the building by opening up a pathway by propping doors open and presumably banging on pots and pans. Apparently, one scientist was retired early because it was believed that the bigfoot hynotised him to go insane. He apparently did not respect the bigfoot for being people and firmly thought it to be an animal. That was the only injury that I can recall. The actual report was retrieved by the DoD from THE LAB’s library in about 1979, and no copies remain there. Since THE LAB has retirement plans, no personnel that were on duty then are still there today. This is why the feds are still quite bent on stifling all bigfoot research of any kind, and by any method. The conclusion of the DoD study was that the bigfoot cannot be contained, controlled or communicated with, and is thought to be alien in origination.

They were wrong on the communication aspect, because most anybody can communicate with the bigfoot, given the proper instruction.

Far more money is spent by the federal government to stifle bigfoot research, than is spent by all bigfoot researchers put together, in my opinion. How? Illegal Email and phone taps. Helicopter and motor vehicle time. Electronics to track cell phones of researchers who failed to remove the battery from their phones even though turned off. Automated telephone harassment equipment. Manhours to both tail and harass researchers. Breaking and entering to steal records and photographs of those who right books. Theft of mail through the USPS, UPS and Fedex. Picking up bigfoot bodies and threatening all who witnessed it. Other than that, the feds couldn’t give a rats ass about whether bigfoot is proven or not.silvereagle
February 17, 2007

I asked for a source for the Lawrence Livermore National Labs Bigfoot story. He responded thusly and offered the following advice:

I listed a source as Stephen Hawkings. I have listed him in the past. All choose to fail to interview him. People are free to poke around Berkeley with the retired professors. Lawrence Berkeley has a science exhibit building that is open to the public. They were fully aware of both the Bigfoot in captivity and the invisibility in 1975. It was common knowledge back then.

Two successful southern Oregon bigfoot researchers by the name of Ray Rosa and Shelly Binkley, had one of the bigfoot that they are working with, transition into an orb in front of their eyes. That will be real easy for you to verify. The orb trick was also first revealed in the Lawrence Livermore Lab Bigfoot Study. I just didn’t post it because I didn’t think that your viewers could handle it.

Invisibility of Bigfoot has been known about since at least the 60’s. People who know about, do not become Bigfoot researchers because they are pretty sure it is a waste of time trying to study something that is invisible most of the time. People who do not know about it, may become Bigfoot researchers because they do not know what they are up against. So the law of natural selection weeds out those who know about Bigfoot invisibility in the ranks of researchers. Sali Sheppard Wolford’s book “Valley of the Skookum”, clearly describes Bigfoot invisibility. Mary Green’s book describes the evidence but fails to reach any conclusion.

I have watched the TBRC video on TV. Let me give you a little help. I communicate with the Bigfoot by whispering in English. I can get them to reply by using branch breaks. So can you. Your researchers believe that by whispering, Bigfoot will not hear you. Wrong! I have audio/video of a Bigfoot going ballistic at 300 yards away, after all I was doing was “thinking” about how some people think that they have the right to kill a Bigfoot. Bigfoot understands both English and even your tiniest thought. Don’t forget that because that is the most important piece of information that a researcher can have.

A fellow Oregon researcher of mine has seen hundreds of Bigfoot. She will not post to the internet for obvious reasons. There is no question in her mind that they are interdimensional, and will drift in and out of our dimension right before her eyes. So the TBRC is pursuing the wrong avenue because they apparently had no one to clue them in. I have had close to 10 bigfoot stand within 10 feet of me. Guess what? They were all invisible but emitted a sensation of an electromagnetic cloud, as well as some other faint electronic snapping, and they were all peaceful. I have a picture of paranormal eyeshine from two likely wood gnomes at 5 feet. Their bodies are invisible. They are the same 4th dimensional people family as Bigfoot. If you are not even thinking about hurting a Bigfoot, then you should have no reason to fear an invisible Bigfoot. All bets are off if you are thinking about hurting, killing or capturing one. Bigfoot research along the paranormal route, is busting out into a sprint, because we have both contact and communication with them. Flesh and blood research is and will always be going absolutely nowhere. Perhaps the TBRC ought to rethink their beliefs and their goals. Oregon is at the extreme cutting edge of Bigfoot Research today. I am unaware of any other area that is even close to achieving any significant new results.

There is just one giant game going on, to try and keep from upsetting too many people about invisibility. My take on invisibility? Invisibility is an inconvenience to proving Bigfoot. The Bigfoot do not use it as a weapon to hurt people who respect them as people. Even when they are invisible, they are concerned that we can see them. They use it as a defensive tool to keep from getting hurt or killed by lunatics with guns. And there are a lot more Bigfoot than anyone can imagine. They live inside the city limits of Portland, Oregon, and in most woods that are larger than 5 acres around here. They just do not often come into our dimension to get shot.

Food for thought silvereagle
February 17, 2007


By posting this information from silvereagle, I in no way endorse it as factual.

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