October 27, 2005

Kokanee Beer and Sasquatch…A Long Standing Tradition

Kokanee Beer has had a long tradition of using Sasquatch in their promotions. Probably the best known was the commercial featuring Rene Dahinden in 1997 that showed him talking about Sasquatch while one made off with a case of Kokanee from his trailer behind him.

Rene Dahinden

They have a Sasquatch cutout to have your picture made with.

Kokanee Sasquatch

And at next year’s Kokanee Deck Snow Dreams party at the Fernie Alpine Resort the weekend of February 3-4, in eastern British Columbia, you can compete in Sasquatch mating call contests and where prizes for the best Kokanee Ranger, Glacier Girl and Sasquatch costumes will be awarded.

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