August 3, 2013

Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives

Discovery Channel
Sunday, August 4, at 9 PM|8 PM C

Also airs:
Sunday, August 4, at 12 AM|11 PM C
Monday, August 5, at 6 PM|5 PM C
Sunday, August 11, at 9 AM|8 AM C
Tuesday, August 13, at 9 PM|8 PM C
Tuesday, August 13, at 12 AM|11 PM C

Discovery brings SHARK WEEK viewers on a search for a massive killer Great White shark responsible for a rash of fatalities off the coast of South Africa. One controversial scientist believes that the shark responsible could be Megalodon, a 60-foot relative of the Great White that is one of the largest and most powerful predators in history. Our oceans remain 95% unexplored, and this massive prehistoric predator has always been shrouded in secrecy, but after a rash of newly discovered evidence, authorities are forced to investigate and hunt for the predator long thought to be extinct. A crew of scientists and shark experts examine evidence and fearlessly seek answers to the many questions surrounding one of the last great mysteries of the deep ocean while creating the largest chum slick in history.

The Nightmarish Megalodon

Building Sharkzilla

Giant Megalodon Tooth

Sharkzilla Lives

Could Megalodon Chomp a Whale?

It’s a Bad Week To Be a Seal

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