August 12, 2017

Mystery Mud Monster From Down Under

What IS that? Mystery creature pokes its head out of a mud pool by a Queensland river – before slowly sinking beneath the surface when it realises it has been spotted

An unidentified animal has been spotted during a cruise along the Daintree River
David White, owner of Solar Whisper Crocodile & Wildlife Tours filmed the beast
Suggestions online for the creature range from a mussel to a ‘miniature whale’
Staff from the company told Daily Mail Australia they believe it is a mud-skipper

A mysterious creature has been filmed poking it head out of the water during a Queensland river cruise.

The unidentified animal was spotted during a Solar Whisper Daintree River Crocodile and Wildlife Tour on Tuesday.

After staff posted the footage on social media suggestions have taken off about the beast’s identity and range from a mussel to a ‘miniature whale’.


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