November 24, 2005

New York Bigfoot Baby Video

In today’s issue of the Times Herald-Record there is an article about the video shot in 1997 by Doug Pridgen at an outdoor rock concert. It was submitted to the BFRO in December of 2003. I saw the video myself over a year ago. While I found it interesting, it is not conclusive evidence of anything. The object swings from the tree looking like a chimp or a monkey, which is a more likely scenario.

The newspaper requires you to register to be able to read the article. It is a free registration.

The alleged Bigfoot’s baby pictures were captured inadvertently in 1997 by a Lembo Lake camper identified as Doug Pridgen, who was videotaping a friend while attending a rock concert at the lake. While transferring the videotape to a different format a few years ago, Pridgen’s girlfriend noticed two ape-like figures, one smaller than the next, cavorting in some trees about 100 feet behind Pridgen’s friend.

Link to the video on the newspaper’s website.

Link to the video.

Link to background on the video on BFRO site.

Fellow Cryptomundo blogger Rick Noll has done quite a bit of work with the video. Let’s see if he will weigh in on it…

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