October 6, 2017

On the Hunt for the British Bigfoot

Photographer Harry Rose spent two years trying to track down the legendary cryptid.

Bigfoot is as American as hot dog eating contests, Elvis and the tragic reluctance to sit down and have a constructive conversation about gun control. But type “British Bigfoot sightings” into Google and you’ll be shown a map of the British Isles that is barely visible beneath the dots and dashes of where the legendary cryptid has allegedly been sighted. Something is out there… maybe.

Photographer Harry Rose spent two years of his life researching and walking the terrain allegedly shared with Bigfoot, compiling a photo project he intends to exhibit soon. Here’s what he learned.

VICE: Hello, Harry. Why devote two years of your life to finding British Bigfoot?

Harry Rose: There’s a few reasons. Initially it was because I hadn’t seen a Bigfoot photo project out there. There’s loads on ghosts and paranormal stuff, but nothing about Bigfoot where it’s just a guy with a camera in the woods taking photos – but also because I love all that scary stuff. I’m very much a kid of the 80s rather than the 90s. I grew up with Stephen King and science fiction and all the rest of it. Also, for my final project at university I’d done a really heavy project on where my dad’s ashes were, and after that, Bigfoot just felt open and fun.

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