November 1, 2006


After the posts here on Cryptomundo exposed the site as having taken images of Bigfoot tracks and casts from other sources and claiming them as their own, the site took down all of the images of the casts and tracks, and in their place offered the following statement:

This collection of bigfoot footprints were made by pouring plaster into fresh bigfoot tracks. After the plaster hardens, the plaster bigfoot cast footprint is removed. To date, we have taken more than 48 plaster footprints of the bigfoot we have been researching…coming soon.

Actually, the only part of that statement that is new is the last two words…coming soon. The previous three sentences were already there, with all of the photos that were "borrowed."

The previous posts here on Cryptomundo concerning the website are:

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After the first two posts regarding the website, I emailed the following message to the contact email address for the website:

Requesting information regarding your website, Can you give any additional info other than what is listed on the website?

Thanks, Cryptomundo

This is the reply I received:

Thanks for writing. More information is planned and will be released on the website this year.

– Publisher, Angels & Ghosts, LLC

Well, apparently the breaking news, as reported by Mr. Duplatt himself on his blog Ghost Pictures, is that Tom Biscardi is going to break the story of the site! has created quite a stir among the bigfoot community with supposed realistic videos of the beast. The story about the relationship between the Duplatt family and a bigfoot family is intriguing, as well.

Stay tuned, as the story behind this site is going to be broken by professional bigfoot tracker Tom Biscardi of!

They have created a stir alright! The best is yet to come, I’m sure!

For updates on the real story behind, check out these updates here on Cryptomundo.

The Real Story of

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