October 24, 2007

More on the Juvenile Bigfoot Photos

Hunter gets BigFoot on trail Timer camera.

An outdoorsmen From Johnsonburg Pa get what appears to be a Bigfoot looking creature on his trail camera at night.

He had his trail camera at the Kinzua Dam.

The Kinzua Dam Is flooded with people as well as the so call Bigfoot experts.

These experts and the owner of the trail camera had supposedly gone out late at night and had banged sticks together and had communicated with this creature.

Who knows the true facts for sure, but there is defiantly something strange on these pictures.

Could it be a sick starving bear? I doubt that, Now that there is so few deer in pa woods, there is plenty to eat. (Had to take a shot :0)John Hodgdon

“I was interviewed by Linda Moulton Howe as I looked at the pictures for the first time. I indicated that there were aspects that pointed to a bear, while some features looked rather unusual, even ape-like, e.g. the appearance of the limb proportions. The apparent shape and orientation of the shoulder blades, the length of the feet, and the posture however, seemed to point to bear. Some of the images posted on the internet appear to confirm the bear identification.”Jeff Meldrum

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