November 8, 2007

Daniel Perez on Bigfoot Population Estimates

As I stated to the reporter who interviewed me for the Press-Enterprise, anyone past, present and future talking numbers (population) for Bigfoot is in the guesstimating business, as there isn’t much data to base it on. Yes, you can get a rough idea as to what an unknown population might be based on populations for, say, bear, coyote and deer but the crucial thing here to consider is these are known animals. Bigfoot is the great “X”, the unknown. So when I say 100,000 Bigfoot in North America, in my humble opinion, that is a drop in the bucket, as North America is a bloody massive land mass. Anyone who has flown from, say, Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. has an opportunity to see how vast the land is just in one “plane” corridor in the United States. In other words, as far as your eye can see from the window of the plane. People see one hundred thousand and think that is a big number. Well, yes, it is. But put that number in perspective… all of North America with an estimated size of 9,460,000 square miles and all of a sudden 100,000 looks like just a very, very small amount. Myself or any other researchers/investigators on Bigfoot would not be able to argue a higher or lower population as it is all just a great intellectual exercise of guesstimating.

Best,Daniel Perez

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