April 20, 2007

Pterodactyl Caught on Video!

I was just tipped off to this video.

Is it real, or is it hoaxed? Watch the video here on Cryptomundo and judge for yourself!

I have included the text that accompanied the video on youtube, however, this will NOT be about discussion of that ideology. Correction: Instead of ideology, I should have gone ahead and said creationism versus evolutionism.

The Missus was videotaping the George Washington Bridge to show the grandchildren when I told her to move the camera up to shoot a booger I saw up there. Well, you wouldn’t believe what it was. If this videotape doesn’t prove that the Biblical version of Creation is True, I don’t know what does.

We’re on vacation here in Satan’s Capital, other than that we’re not interested in providing personal information. I think you can understand why, we’re both respectable members of our community back in Dallas.jesusdinosaurs

Loren has already ventured there on Cryptomundo. If you would like to add to that discussion, please do so there. Any comments here concerning that subject will be moderated.

See What Place Creationists

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