February 17, 2012

Melba Ketchum: Sasquatch DNA Project Update

There have been rumors floating around the virtual grapevine that the DNA project was to be published next week.

Melba Ketchum has posted the following updates to address these rumors on her Facebook wall over the last 24 hours.

… There are are a lot of other unsung heroes that will receive their credit at the appropriate times. The effort is not just mine, there are many people involved and I appreciate every single one of them more than anyone knows. I also especially appreciate my peers that trusted me enough to help with this journey of discovery and believe in it enough to risk their outstanding reputations by putting their names on this paper. Their support is priceless.

Also, thanks so very much to all of you for your kind words and support. This makes all of the criticism easier to tolerate. This would not have taken so long but so much was required. What can I say, many scientists are fervent skeptics.

I am so excited about our findings and am anxious myself to get them out into the public. Wish science wasn’t so slow. Everyone is going to be so amazed though at what we have done and at the findings! I know I was. Huge, huge thank you to Wally Hersom, he is such a wonderful person.

While I am giving thanks to the many people responsible for the success of the project, I also want to mention Adrian Erickson because this study would have taken a lot longer if he hadn’t been generous with his funding also. So, without these two generous people (Adrian and Wally) this study would not have been able to be done. I will also tell you that the study is not coming out next Thursday as everyone keeps saying. I do NOT have a date. So that is why I ask you for patience.Melba Ketchum

Info on Wally Hersom.

Info on Adrian Erickson.

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