July 1, 2013

Sasquatch Ontario Bigfoot Habituation

Sasquatch Ontario shows his habituation area in this new video.

Interesting vocalizations in the last minute of video.

4 consecutive visits has produced extremely rare audio from a habituation site in Ontario, Canada.

Sasquatch are a unique species that are on the brink of discovery. After decades of persistence in understanding, we’ve hardly gained a foothold into understanding their true disposition.

Trust and a proper approach is helping produce some of the most incredible audio to ever be documented.

We continue to work towards face to face contact and a hopefully a life long discovery.

…the vocalizer is in the 8ft. range. He’s been seen so we have a good idea of his general height. Possibly between 400 and 500lbs.

Let’s see any human mimic that last part.Sasquatch Ontario

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