December 9, 2016

SNL Gives a Nod to Finding Bigfoot

Finding Bigfoot’s Cliff Barackman notes:

On the December 3, 2016 episode of Saturday Night Live, a sketch about tracking down former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had a familiar look. The font, screen shots, and references to bigfoot all come straight from Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot. Instead of whoops and knocks, the Hunting Hillary team utilized the distinctive laugh of Secretary Clinton and waited for callbacks.

This is not the first time other shows have given a nod to Finding Bigfoot. In 2012, South Park skewered us in their episode entitled Jewpacabra. Soon after, Steven Colbert had the Finding Bigfoot cast members star in a comedy short on his former show, The Colbert Report. And, of course, we have long been a favorite target on The Soup.

Two investigators (Beck Bennett, Kyle Mooney) search for Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) in the woods of Chappaqua.

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