January 26, 2007

Todd Standing: The Bigfoot Authority

Todd Standing of Sylvanic fame, or is that infamy, has this to say about himself on his website:

This question keeps getting asked, and the media keeps sensationalizing it, so I would like to take this journal entry to explain myself. The knowledge that my team and I have gained from our experiences in Sylvanic has without a doubt made us the authority on Bigfoot. I know there are a lot of people that are going to be very angry with me for saying that, but from what I have seen already with the mindless chatter that is going on all over the web I don’t care. I know how to track these animals. I know how they have successfully evaded modern men and modern science. And I will get protection for this species because I will provide enough evidence to prove to modern science, beyond a reasonable doubt, that this species does exist. In the spring and summer of 2007 my team and I will find another domicile inhabited by these animals. Then we will take two skeptics (An anthropologist and well respected field journalist) on our next expedition where we will shoot a Video 4 in high definition and gather whatever physical evidence we can. We will use this evidence to get government legislated protection for these animals throughout North America and with the help of other scientists find a way to peacefully coexist with this very unique species.

Now back to the Bigfoot expert question; I do think I know more about these animals then anyone else in the world. But since virtually nothing is known about this species that is not saying a lot. I can identify a domicile and infiltrate their evasive defenses to get close enough to view what we refer to as a “day watcher”. There are several other superficial details we know about these animals but nowhere near enough to definitively say we are Bigfoot experts. So in future interviews I will endeavor to make that point as clear as possible. I consider myself the authority on Bigfoot, but by no means a Bigfoot expert.Todd Standing

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