July 11, 2014

Terror in the Woods!


As the darkness sets in at Ijams on July 11th, the sounds of the ‘squatch will echo through the night! Ijams Nature Center, Knoxville Horror Film Fest and FrightWorks brings you a night of fun and fear as we set out to find the infamous Bigfoot lurking in the woods at Ijams.

Join Frightworks on a hunt for the legendary beast, hear the horrifying sounds of La Basura Del Diablo and enjoy 2 Bobcat Goldthwait’s amazing Bigfoot film Willow Creek plus one other secret Bigfoot feature and an amazing clip reel of Sasquatch insanity.

There will also be plenty of food trucks, beer, and vendors to fulfill all of your monster hunting needs.

It is a night of cryptozoological terror that you won’t want to miss.

Cost is $10 a person. Bring your lawn chairs or blankets with you (no coolers please!)

Ijams Nature Center
2915 Island Home Ave
Knoxville, Tennessee 37920
Friday, July 11
at 6:00pm – 12:00am in EDT

Here is the line up of spectacular fun coming your way on Friday:
*Doors open at 6pm.
*The first movie, Legend of Boggy Creek, starts on the inside screen at 6:30pm.
*La Basura del Diablo takes the stage at 8pm on the plaza.
*At 9:00pm (ish)- Frightworks will begin their hunt for the Sasquatch trail.
*Second movie- Willow Creek- will play around 10pm.

Along with all this we have tons of vendors, food trucks, beer, concessions, and so much more. Invite your friends, family, neighbors and come out Friday for a night of Terror in the Woods!

Knoxville Horror Fest Latches on to Local Bigfoot Mania

Bigfoot is getting to be a thing around Knoxville.

First, there was Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett’s well-publicized fascination with the hunt for the sasquatch, which led producers and cast of the popular Animal Planet TV show Finding Bigfoot to visit Knoxville in 2012, on what Burchett, in his official capacity, declared Knox County Bigfoot Day. (As usual, the show’s researchers didn’t turn up much evidence on their visit to East Tennessee, but Burchett has shown no sign of being dissuaded.)

Now, for its second installment of the Terror in the Woods event at Ijams Nature Center, the organizers of the Knoxville Horror Film Festival are staging a night of Bigfoot-themed scares—or “cryptozoological terror,” as they refer to it—next weekend. Terror in the Woods starts at 6 p.m. on Friday, July 11. Admission is $10. The event will also feature local vendors, food trucks, and music by garage-punk band La Basura del Diablo.

The main event for Terror in the Woods will be a screening of ’80s comedy mainstay Bobcat Goldthwait’s 2013 movie Willow Creek, a found-footage horror flick about Bigfoot obsession. The movie won the Scariest Film award when it was screened at last year’s KHFF. There will be a second Bigfoot feature and clips of Bigfoot footage from around the world.

It’s more than just an outdoor movie fest, though—representatives from the Halloween haunted-house company FrightWorks, a local horror institution over the last several years, will be leading an official twilight Bigfoot hunt around the grounds of Ijams.

No word yet on whether Burchett will attend.


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