October 9, 2015

ThinkerThunker – Most Impressive Bigfoot Footage Ever?

In this clip I use a second shot captured by the game-cam for a size comparison. Whatever it is appears to be about 8′ tall.

The original videographer, Ronald Von Beringe, weighed in commenting on youtube a few days ago:

In my opinion Thinker Thunker has a firm grasp on my video. He is well-versed in common sense, animation and camera technology… definitely more than most. I retrieved the footage from the trail-cam myself and I assure you his entire assessment of my video is accurate. He is correct about the creature’s size, gait and its distance from the camera… and he’s right that the notion of CGI enhancement is absolutely preposterous.

I did not notice the similarity to the creature in the Patterson-Gimlin film until seeing Thinker Thunker’s breakdown. Now I am even more eager to go back to Griffith Park to see this beast with my own eyes — perhaps next week!

Regardless of its proximity to a large city, Griffith Park is a sprawling heavily forested and mountainous area spanning nearly 5000 acres. Deer, Bobcat, and even mountain lion are known to inhabit those woods… is it so hard to believe that the Timber Giant would too?

~ Ronald Von Beringe

Original footage:

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