August 14, 2006

The Case of the Missing Thylacine

The thylacine photos that were bandied about here on Cryptomundo last month, have been removed from the site pending the actions mentioned in the email below.

Cryptomundo Exclusive: Thylacine Photos.

Thylacine Photo Overlays.

This morning, we received the following email.

I replied, telling Mr. Buergin that we would be happy to discuss this with Mr. Emmerichs directly. Until that happens, I have taken the photos off of the site.

Dear Sir

I write you as editor of the swiss-german journal "mysteries" and on behalf of Mr. Klaus Emmerichs from Germany. As secound publication after the "Sunday Tasmanian" we published the pictures of Mr. Emmerichs exklusively in Europe (No. 4/2006). Mr. Emmerichs still owns the copyright of his pictures!

We appreciate your interesting webpage. All the more we were very astonished to see the pictures published on your website without Mr. Emmerichs allowing this. That’s why we request in his name to delete all of his pictures IMMEDIATELY from your webpage within the next 24 hours – or to pay him the amount of 400.- EUR for publication online on the following bank account:

Klaus Emmerichs
Dresdner Bank AG, Filiale Geldern
Issumer Str. XX-XX
D-47608 Geldern, Germany     
Konto-Nr.: X XXX XXX XX
Swift-Bic.: XXXX XX XX

We count on your understanding. Otherwise Mr. Emmerichs would be afraid to employ a lawyer in this matter.

Kind regards from Switzerland

Luc Buergin (Editor)

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