March 29, 2007

Virginia Bigfoot Video

A new Bigfoot video was posted to youtube. It’s obviously a fake, but I thought that I would share it with the readers of Cryptomundo.

Following is the text from youtube.

Bigfoot, Sasquatch caught on video on Hunting Trip

This is a video I recorded on a Hunting trip in Virginia. I was scared out of my mind but I still managed to take 40 seconds of video with my camera. I will never forget the size of this thing, It had to be at least 7 and a half foot tall and most likley weighed about 900 Lbs. It was huge and lucky for me I was able to hide behind a very large tree while taking this video. It had to be a Bigfoot! Sorry about the sound, my camera does not record sound. It is also not the best quality since I had to zoom in to get a close up, but at least I did get a full shot of whatever it was.rifleman1974

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