March 30, 2007

Update: Virginia Bigfoot Video

Cryptomundo reader Morgoth has tipped us off as to the costume used to make the Virginia Bigfoot video posted yesterday on Cryptomundo.

Here is the Virginia Bigfoot video to refresh your memory.

Apparently, the Sasquatch costume used in the video is this suit offered for sale by

Sasquatch: The Costume

Click on image above to see the costume on the site. You can even order one yourself for the low, low price of $549.99. is one of the fastest growing online and catalog retailers in the Haunted House / Halloween products industry. has grown to become one of the most talked about Halloween Web Sites on the Web. We carry an extensive range of products for the haunted house industry as well as the Home

In the photo of the Sasquatch costume below, you can see the same exaggerated long arms and short legs exhibited by the Bigfoot shown in the video.

Sasquatch: The Costume


Long thought of as folk lore, the Sasquatch Creature is now known to exist. The pictures shown here prove Sasquatch is no myth. Just how long he has lived is unclear. Some claim he’s been around for centuries, while scientists state he’s no older than 50. No matter his age, the destructive force of Big Foot is clear. The last time he roamed these parts he left the mountainous area and wiped out many villages. Naturally, all residents in the area expressed concern about the latest sighting.

Costume comes complete with a Deluxe Over Sized Mask with helmet that allows the user to gain an extra 12 inches in height by looking out of the neck. The costume also comes with Hand/Arm Extenders, Sasquatch Feet, Muscle suit pading (sic) and Sasquatch Costume with attached latex chest peice (sic)

As far as the videographer’s comment that “It had to be at least 7 and a half foot tall”, the website has a height comparison photo of the Sasquatch costume compared to a woman, and the listed height for the Sasquatch costume is 7′ 6″.

Sasquatch: The Costume

Adding to the height of the Sasquatch costume is the fact that the wearer’s eyeholes are placed in the upper chest area, as shown in the above photo of the Sasquatch costume.

Coincidence? I think not!

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