May 23, 2007

Bigfoot: Stumping for Votes! Calling All Cryptomundoers For Support!

Looks like Cold Stone Creamery, an ice cream store chain based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, has followed in the footsteps (no pun intended) of Jack’s Links Beef Jerky and Boston Pizza, and so many other advertisers, and is using Bigfoot as a spokesbeast.

Cold Stone’s new promotion is using several different commercials, and then having the viewers vote online for their favorite. The subjects are The Heiress, The Kid and Bigfoot.

Right now, Bigfoot is trailing. The Heiress is leading with 57% of the vote, next is The Kid with 23%, with Bigfoot bringing up the rear with a measly 20%.

Cold Stone Creamery Bigfoot

Click on the image for full size version…so you can read Bigfoot’s bio.

Cold Stone Creamery Bigfoot

Click on this image to go to the site where you can watch the commercials and vote for your favorite (hint – Bigfoot!)

Make sure to watch the outtakes. They are hilarious. Especially the Bigfoot Hunter!

I am putting out the call to all the Cryptomundo readers to put Bigfoot in first place, where he rightfully deserves to be!

Let’s make a difference!

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