May 29, 2016

Yeti or Not, Here We Come!

Dr. Mark Evans examines a rather curious bone in the Himalayas. (All images: Animal Planet)

Yeti or Not premieres Sunday, May 29 @ 8:00 PM on Animal Planet.

Also airs:

Sunday, May 29 @ 10:05 PM
Monday, May 30 @ 3:00 AM
Monday, May 30 @ 5:00 PM
Sunday, June 5 @ 7:00 PM
Monday, June 6 12:05 AM

In Yeti or Not, Dr. Mark Evans, a veterinarian and explorer, is on a mission to sift fact from folklore and distil the plausible from the possible as he searches for a rational explanation for the mysterious Himalayan biped known as the Yeti.

An Inside Look at Yeti or Not, Animal Planet’s Most Intriguing ‘Monster Week’ Special

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