September 13, 2013

‘The Yeti May Be Real’ Says Sir David Attenborough

‘The Yeti may be real’ Sir David Attenborough claims legendary beast does exist!

SIR DAVID ATTENBOROUGH has revealed he strongly believes a yeti-like creature once lived in the Himalayan mountains.

The veteran broadcaster is convinced fossil evidence found in the 1930s proves a 10-12ft tall animal lived in the region.

Speaking to Jarvis Cocker at a UKTV 2013-2014 Showcase, Sir David, 87, said he had not given up hope of the creature being real.

He said: “I believe the Abominable Snowman may be real. I think there may be something in that.

“A fossil was found with these huge molars that are four of five times the size of human molars.”

Sir David said that the Himalayan forests which cover over 14,000 square miles could easily contain a Yeti.

“If there are some still alive and you walked near their habitat you can bet that these creatures may be aware of you, but you wouldn’t be aware of them,” he added.


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