April 8, 2013

More on Camel Spiders and Other Alleged Giant Spiders

Cryptomundian mrmaxima sends in the following info regarding giant spiders from this previous post on Cryptomundo: Camel Spiders and Other Alleged Giant Spiders

My father in law was also in the Vietnam war his 5 man unit did scout work in the jungle and were out for mints at a time. A little about my father in law I have known him for many years and have NEVER known him to lie or make up stories. He rarely talks of the war thinks it was a waste of to many American lives. While in the jungle there he swears he saw spiders with a body the size of a common dinner plate says with the legs they overall span ranged 20-30″ inches across he says he saw more than one always near creeks or water sources. Also said they scared the hell out of the entire unit they shot a few with their M16′s and unloaded full magazines and they were still moving around. Just thought I’d add this to your interesting post. I feel where there is a will life will always find a way there are living things in every environment known and unknown to man! We as mankind have only found an estimated 25% of the total spicies on this planet. So how do we know some of the spiders didn’t evolve in a different way? I will take my father in laws word as truth till someone finds one of the spiders he saw or I die witch ever may come first. Just my input I look forward to reading more of your replys.

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