July 29, 2008

Bigfoot Body “Accidentally Found”

The story of how the claimed Bigfoot body in Georgia was found is slowly being revealed. But first a moment to take a deep breath.


The Bigfoot Trackers of Georgia have gained a lot of self-congratulatory mileage from going after Cryptomundo and others as their “enemies.” Of course, this is silly, and yet does make for emotional YouTube videos that do not present their cause too well in the public’s eye. Cryptomundo doesn’t feel anything in relationship to this entire melodrama other than interest. Yes, Cryptomundo’s hopes are presented as realistic, balanced with a skeptical intrigue in seeing the body to know if there is any factual basis to the claims, of course. Any grounded individual would ask for as much. Any thinking “Joe Friday” cop would too.


If the gentlemen read clearly, without bias, they will have noted that from the first Cryptomundo posting on July 11th, this site (as opposed to a few comment makers) has never said this event was a hoax or even anything close to that. Let’s take a quick review.


From July 11th, here’s what I wrote under “History In The Making: Bigfoot Body Taken?”:

“Has the first Bigfoot body been taken? Ask yourself, how will the first Bigfoot be found, discovered, and displayed?

Will it be through a highly publicized effort from a museum or zoological park, as during the 19th and early 20th century, or will it be due to some folks with military and law enforcement backgrounds from north Georgia?

Does someone have a body already? What are we to make of this breaking news, tied to getting expedition subscribers?

But maybe in this brave new world, will this be how such a discovery unfolds?

The ‘Bigfoot Trackers’ claim they have a Bigfoot corpse, frozen in a freezer, killed by a .30-06.

In the middle of their ads for tee-shirts, expeditions, chest-beating male tracker dominance, and more, is there any possibility of truth to what they are saying? Could this be history in the making?”

The only “admitted hoax” that I have ever talked about is the one they acknowledged dealing with “Dr. Paul Van Buren.”

Now, here’s the latest on the alleged details behind the discovery of the body:

Georgia Bigfoot Claim: ‘Body Was Accidentally Found’

Rick Dyer of Forest Park, Georgia from Bigfoottracker.com claims that the Bigfoot body in his possession was accidentally found in the deep woods approximately 7 miles from a road.

On the Squatchdetective.com radio show on July 28th, Dyer explained that it took 6 people 1 1/2 days to drag the 8’8″, 600lbs. corpse to a vehicle. He refused to disclose the gender of the creature. Dyer also stated it was found in early June and assumes it had been dead a few days. As well, he mentioned that the Bigfoot is being stored in a 10 ft. freezer.

Dyer also claimed that other ‘live’ Bigfoot creatures were observed in the same area where the body was found and that he has photographs.

Listeners were allowed to field questions.

Dyer said that at least one researcher had refused to believe his find and that the YouTube campaign was started in order to belittle other well known cryptozoologists.

Ask what the creature looks like, Dyer answered that it looks ‘more human than ape’ and that he seeked legal counsel in order to copyright photographs. He states he already has a buyer who has offered $10 million.

Dyer did say that he never believed in Bigfoot and didn’t research the creature before he stumbled across the body.

Dyer claims that the proof and evidence of their find will start being released to the public on September 1st, 2008. The attorney handling Dyer’s affairs in this case is Monroe Ferguson of Ferguson, Ferguson & Morris, P.C. of Jonesboro, Georgia.


That’s what I like. Just the facts.

Permission was received to post this information completely.

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