November 29, 2008

Are Bigfoot Invisible?

You thought this weekend was going to be boring?

Apparently, Art Bell is returning to the Coast to Coast AM radio program with a bang. On Sunday night (Monday morning in the East), November 30, 2008, Bell will be airing a program with Michio Kaku on “Invisibility & DNA.”

Now that sounds unlikely to have anything to do with cryptozoology, but now this claim comes via an email received this morning:

This may be the first big scientific admission that we currently have many invisible forest people on this planet, since the west coast rumors from the 60’s government captivity studies. This may also be the big news that tightens up the sphincters of those thousands of overconfident flesh & blood Bigfoot believers, to the point that it causes them to hyperventilate at the mere thought that Bigfoot is in fact and has always been, primarily invisible in the higher dimensions. Perhaps this will also inspire a new market for camoflauged hyperventilation paper bags to guard against overreaction in regard to the aforementioned natural phenomenon.

Well, besides the overly arrogant tone of the email, it certainly does signal a new wrinkle to the debate to pull Sasquatch studies away from a grounded biological basis of research, and throw more speculations in the direction of explaining one unknown with another unknown.

Hold on to your hats, folks!

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