May 30, 2007

New Skamania Tubesquatch

Here’s the latest new Bigfoot video posted on YouTube, forwarded to me by a reader. Gosh, I certainly don’t go looking for these, that’s for sure.

Maybe it’s just me, but I am beginning to feel like YouTube’s Sasquatch scenes are a total waste of my time, your time, and any serious researchers’ time.

I haven’t seen a video that’s appeared on YouTube initially first (versus those taken from documentaries) that has been worth more than a moment of idle speculation.

The visual online world seems to be having an explosion of the cinematic version of one blobsquatch after another. Therefore, I shall call this one today merely another “tubesquatch,” and I will use that term for all others I might post here in the future. Just think, if I have a tubesquatch and a living Sasquatch in my basement, well, then I have proof of Bigfoot!

I suppose these tubesquatch have some kind of entertainment value (although not for me), but as far as evidence, they seem to have less merit than any good detailed eyewitness Bigfoot account backed up by footprint casts.

The formula seems to be, (1) rent a gorilla suit or gather a lot of loose fitting dark clothing; (2) find a friend who doesn’t care if he/she gets shot while tramping about in the forest as a Bigfoot; (3) make certain the location has lots of trees for the foreground; (4) stand some distance away so that nothing detailed can be seen in the viewfinder; (5) take some moving pictures of your friend in the outfit; (6) post it on YouTube or a similar online location; and finally, (7) see if you can get Cryptomundo or some other site to post the link to it.

Excuse me if I don’t find any humor in these endless uploads of apparently hoaxed or pranked or whatever you want to call them footage of Bigfoot in the woods. Tubesquatch, all.

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