October 2, 2008

Used Cryptozoology Books

Most of these are used, some are new, and all are available directly from Arcturus, not from me. I thought some readers who don’t have these titles might be interested in this new list, just published today. Arcturus’ used books go fast, so call or email him sooner than later. (Contact info is at the bottom.)



1. Beckley, Timothy Green, and Kern, William, eds. TIMOTHY GREEN BECKLEY’S BIG BOOK OF WEREWOLVES-IN REALITY, IN FOLKLORE, IN CINEMA AND IN LUST! Global Comm., 2008. Lg. softbound, 238pp. 18 pages of photo illustrations. The Redeeming Social Value consists of a reprint of Sabine Baring-Gould’s 19th Century Book of Werewolves. The unredeemed parts include a chapter by Brad Steiger, one by Sean Casteell, one by Tim Swartz re werewolves in the cinema, and a Clarence Housman short story. That’s all they had pages for. $24.95


I have to note that the re-publication of this classic has also just occurred in hardback. The Book of Werewolves by Sabine Baring-Gould, is new from Cosimo Books, with a new introduction by yours truly, Loren Coleman, and now for sale in bookstores everywhere for $22.95, or via online locations for $18.36, plus shipping (thus cheaper than the paperback mentioned above).


2. Barber, Richard, and Riches, Anne. A DICTONARY OF FABULOUS BEASTS. Macmillan, 1971. HC, 167pp, entries drawn from old bestiaries. Good +, in slightly damaged dj, $20.00

3. Binns, Ronald. THE LOCH NESS MYSTERY SOLVED. Prometheus, 1984. HC, 1st Am. Ed., VG in sl. Torn dj, $18.00

4. Bord, Hanet & Colin. ALIEN ANIMALS. Stackpole, 1981. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 258pp, dj yellowing a bit, still a fine copy, $30.00

5. _____. THE BIGFOOT CASEBOOK. Stackpole, 1982. HC, 1st ed., 254pp, VG, dj, $25.00

6. _____. SAME. Stackpole, 1982. Trade softbound, good used copy, $8.00

7. _____. SAME, Pine Winds Press, 1982, revised ed., expanded to 2004, 343pp, new, $18.00

8. Burton, Maurice. THE ELUSIVE MONSTER: A RE-EXAMINATION OF THE PROBLEM OF LOCH NESS. Rupert Davis, 1961. HC, 1st ed., 176pp, paper yellowing a bit, still a very good copy of a book which is far more elusive than the monster. $100.00

9. Cahill, Robert. NEW ENGLAND’S MARVELOUS MONSTERS. Chandler-Smith, 1983. Small softbound, 48pp, VG, $10.00

10. Carrington, Richard. MERMAIDS AND MASTODONS. Reinhart, 1957. HC, 1st ed., 251pp, good, top edge dusty, piece of rear jacket missing at upper corner. $20.00

11. Coleman, Loren. TOM SLICK AND THE SEARCH FOR THE YETI. Faber & Faber, 1989. Trade soft, 1st ed., 176pp, VG, $12.00

12. Corliss, William R., compiler. INCREDIBLE LIFE: A HANDBOOK OF BIOLOGICAL MYSTERIES. Sourcebook Proj., 1981. HC, 1st ed., 1016pp, mammoth and great, VG in dj, $75.00

13. Davies, Adam. EXTREME EXPEDITIONS. TRAVEL ADVENTURES STALKING THE WORLD’S MYSTERY ANIMALS. Anomalist Bks, 2008. Trade soft, 153pp. Shows that cryptozoology can be enjoyed with excessive drinking, foul language, sex and the occasional scary critter. $14.95

14. Dinsdale, Tim. THE STORY OF THE LOCH NESS MONSTER. A. Wingate, 1973. HC, 1st ed., 124pp, Signed by Author, vg, vg DJ, $25.00

15. _____. MONSTER HUNT. Acropolis, 1972. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 2nd prtg, 295pp, dusty, small stain to top edge, good reader, no jacket. Reprint of “The Leviathans.” $10.00

16. Eberhart, George M. MYSTERIOUS CREATURES: A GUIDE TO CRYPTOZOOLOGY. ABC-Clio, 2002. HC, 2 vols, xlvii, 364; xix, 365-722. Pictorial boards, not issued with jacket. Over 1000 entries and over 60 illustrations,$185.00.

17. Florescu, Radu, and McNally, Raymond T. DRACULA: A BIOGRAPHY OF VLAD THE IMPALER, 1431-1476. Hawthorn, 1973. HC, 1st prtg, 239pp, VG, dj, $15.00

18. Gerhard, Ken. BIG BIRD! MODERN SIGHTINGS OF FLYING MONSTERS. CFZ Pr., 2003. Trade soft, 93pp, new, $16.95

19. Glut, Donald F. TRUE VAMPIRES OF HISTORY. H-C Publishers, 1971. HC, 1st ed., 191pp, dj nibbled along front flap, about 2″, just touching the cloth, else VG copy in dj. $12.00

20. Gould, Charles. MYTHICAL MONSTERS. W. H. Allen, 1886. HC, 1st ed., 407pp. Much on dragons and sea serpents. This would be a good copy if the mice hadn’t gotten to it and nibbled along the cloth of the bottom edge, especially on the rear cover. If you can live with that (it’s not terrible), and with a couple other punctures or digs to cloth, you’ve got a first edition of a scarce book. $100.00

21. _____. SAME. Another Copy, Crescent, 1989, HC, paper aging, VG, dj, $12.00

22. Green, John. YEAR OF THE SASQUATCH. Cheam, 1970. Lg. bklt, 1st ed., 80pp, ex S.I.T.U. library, their stamp on title page. Signed by Author, scarce, $25.00

23. _____. ON THE TRACK OF THE SASQUATCH. The Author, 1968. Lg. bklt, 78pp, ex S.I.T.U. library, good, bit dusty. $20.00

24. _____. ON THE TRACK OF THE SASQUATCH BOOK 1. Cheam, 1980. Lg. bklt, 64pp, “1980s edition,” very good, $15.00

25. _____. ON THE TRAIL OF THE SASQUATCH BOOK 2. Cheam, 1980, lg. bklt, 64pp, “1980s Edition.” Good, some rubbing to cover, $15.00

26. Hill, Douglas. THE HISTORY OF GHOSTS, VAMPIRES & WEREWOLVES. Castle, 1970. HC, 121pp, good in rubbed jacket, for younger readers, $8.00

27. Hislop, Burtram. FROM APEMAN TO ‘ANGEL.’ Vantage, 1982. HC, 1st ed., 287pp, oriented more toward evolution of man than to ape-men or Bigfoot. VG, dj, $15.00

28. Ingersoll, Ernest, and Shepard, Odell. DRAGONS AND UNICORNS: FACT OR FICTION? Inner Light, 2008. Lg. softbound, paging unknown (don’t want to break the shrinkwrap, probably 240-250pp). A Two-Fer, featuring the texts of the separate dragon and unicorn books of the authors, in “revised editions” (which may likely mean “abridged” to some degree). Women and cryptozoologists, step up to the plate. $24.95

29. Mackal, Roy. SEARCHING FOR HIDDEN ANIMALS. Doubleday, 1980. HC, 1st ed., 294pp, VG, dj, $30.00

30. _____. THE MONSTERS OF LOCH NESS. Swallow Press, 1976. HC, 2nd prtg, good, torn dj, $25.00

31. (Ambroise Pare) Pallister, Janis, trans. ON MONSTERS AND MARVELS. Univ. of Chicago, 1982. HC, 224pp, illus. with woodcuts from the 16th century original. VG, dj, $20.00

32. Pollard, John. WOLVES AND WEREWOLVES. R. Hale, 1964. HC, 1st ed., 173pp, the folklore thereof. Good +, dj, $20.00

33. Powell, Thom. THE LOCALS: A CONTEMPORARY INVESTIGATION INTO THE BIGFOOT / SASQUATCH PHENOMENON. Hancock House, 2003. Trade soft, 271p, new, $19.95

34. Pyle, Robert M. WHERE BIGFOOT WALKS. H-M., 1995. HC, 1st prtg, 338pp, VG, dj, $20.00

35. Sanderson, Ivan T. ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN: LEGEND COME TO LIFE. Chilton, 1961. HC, 1st ed., 525pp, A good first edition copy in a jacket which has a long tear on rear panel. $45.00

36. _____. SAME. Another copy, Adventures Unltd, trade soft, new, 16.95

37. _____. “THINGS’ and “MORE THINGS.” AUP, 2007. Trade soft, about 390pp, 2 favorite and elusive Sanderson paperbacks combined, $16.95

38. Sheppard-Wolford, Sali. VALLEY OF THE SKOOKUM. Pine Winds Pr., 2006. Trade soft, 286pp, new, $18.00

39. Steiger, Brad. MONSTERS AMONG US. Galde Pr., 2006. Trade soft, 228pp, reprint of 1982 orig., new, $14.95

40. Summers, Montague. THE VAMPIRE IN EUROPE. Dutton, 1929. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 330pp. Frontispiece separated from binding, top edge splashed with something, not a disaster, and there is nibbling to spine base. No dj. Good study copy of a medium-priced edition, $20.00

41. _____. THE VAMPIRE: HIS KITH AND KIN. Kegan, Paul, Trench & Trubner, 1928. HC, 1st ed., 356pp, reader, wet at top, doesn’t show too much on page edges, but is noticeable to plates. Cloth visibly bleached at top, front & rear, from damp. Good reader, $20.00

42. Tchernine, Odette. THE YETI. Spearman, 1970. HC, 1st ed. 184pp, VG, VG jacket, $26.00

43. _____. SAME. HC, 1st Am. Ed., titled In Pursuit of the Abominable Snowman. Vg, DJ, $24

44. Underwood, peter. THE VAMPIRE’S BEDSIDE COMPANION. Leslie Frewin, 1975. HC, 1st ed., vampire fact & fiction. Good in VG jacket, $12.00

45. Wasson, Barbara. SASQUATCH APPARITIONS. The Author, 1979. Trade soft, 174pp. “A Critique On The Pacific Northwest Hominoid.” Good + copy, Signed by Author, scarce, $40.

46. Wright, Dudley. VAMPIRES AND VAMIRISM. Rider, 1924. HC, 1st ed., 220pp, front hinge split halfway up, rear hinge 2/3 of the way, good working copy, $20.00

47 Wylie, Kenneth. BIGFOOT: A PERSONAL INQUIRY INTO A PHENOMENON. Viking, 1980. HC, 1st ed., 268pp, VG in fine brodarted dj, $22.00

48. Dinsdale, Tim. LOCH NESS MONSTER. Chilton, 1962. HC, 1st Am. Ed., 248pp, dusty, no dj, still good copy, $14.00


49. Bauer, Henry. THE ENIGMA OF LOCH NESS. 1988, qual. soft, 1st prtg thus, 243pp, VG, $12.

50.. Bendick, Jeanne. THE MYSTERY OF THE LOCH NESS MONSTER. Xerox Edu., 1976. Softbound, 2nd prtg, 128pp, kids’ book, fair, various creases, small stains, etc. $2.00

51. Costello, Peter. IN SEARCH OF LAKE MONSTERS. Garnstone, ’74. HC, 1st ed., fore-edge has been banged by something, leaving a light rumple in the first 49 pages, else VG, dj, $20.00

53. Murphy, Lee. WHERE LEGENDS ROAM. Defining Moments, 2001. Qual. Soft, 205pp, new, BF fiction, $12.95

54. Napier, John. BIGFOOT. THE YETI AND SASQUATCH IN MYTH AND REALITY. Reader’s Union, 1974. HC, UK book club copy, VG, dj, $12.00

55. Ley, Willy. SALAMANDERS AND OTHER WONDERS. Viking, 1955. HC, 1st ed., 293pp, superior first edition copy, fine in fine jacket. $40.00

56. Landsburg. IN SEARCH OF MYTHS & MONSTERS. Corgi, ’77, UK edition, edgeworn, $6

57. Witchell. THE LOCH NESS STORY. Penguin, ’75, spine crease, good, $3.00

HC, ex-library copy, good reader in dj, $5.00

59. Corliss, Wm. R., compiler. BIOLOGICAL ANOMALIES: BIRDS.
Sourcebook Proj., 1998. HC, 479pp, new, not issued with dj, $27.95

60. Garden, Nancy. WEREWOLVES. Bantam, ’77, softbound, 110p, kids,
good, $4.00

61. _____. VAMPIRES. Bantam, ’77, trade soft, 110pp, soft, kids, good, $4

62. Godfrey, Linda S. THE BEAST OF BRAY ROAD. Prairie Oak Pr.,
2003. Trade soft, 177pp, new, $16.95

63. _____. HUNTING THE AMERICAN WEREWOLF. Trails Bks, 2006.
Trade soft, 319pp, new, $18.95

264. Guttila, Peter. THE BIGFOOT FILES. Timeless Voyager, 2003, trade soft, new, $21.95

65. Harrison. SEA SERPENTS AND LAKE MONSTERS OF THE BRITISH ISLES. 2001, HC, last new copy left, $20.00

66. Healy, Tony, and Cropper, Paul. THE YOWIE. Anomalist Bks, 2006. Trade softbound, large format (7 x 10), 336pp, 120pp. This is the definitive study of Australia’s Bigfoot-the Yowie, featuring 120 illustrations, and a case catalog of sightings dating from 1789 to the present. An absolute must for the cryptozoologist in the family, as well as for anyone with a Fortean library! A steal at $19.95

67. Holiday, F. W. THE DRAGON AND THE DISC. S&J, 1973, HC, reader, ex-lib., fair, dj, $10

68. Hoyt, Olga. LUST FOR BLOOD: THE CONSUMING STORY OF VAMPIRES. Stein & Day, 1984. HC, 245pp, VG in jacket, $15.00

69. Konstantinos. VAMPIRES: THE OCCULT TRUTH. Llewellyn, 2000, later prtg, new, $4.00

70. Krantz, Grover s. BIGFOOT SASQUATCH EVIDENCE. Hancock House, 1999. Trade soft, 348pp, new, but corner badly banged, good reader, $7.50

71. Leiterman, Robert. THE BIGFOOT MYSTERY: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS. Fiction, soft, $3

72. Ley, W. SALAMANDERS & OTHER WONDERS. Viking, ’55, HC, 1st
ed., x-lib, reader, $6

73. Lishka, G. DARKNESS IS LIGHT ENOUGH. Galde, ’96, soft, 212pp,
personal acc’t, $2

Rupert Hart-Davis, 1972. HC, 259pp, good+ inVG jacket, $18.00

75. McCloy, James F. and Miller, Ray Jr. PHANTOM OF THE PINES. Mid
dle Atlantic Pr., 1998. Trade soft, 166pp, new, re Jersey Devil, $11.95

2006. HC, small quarto, 297pp, outstanding book, $27.95

77. Meredith. SEARCH AT LOCH NESS. Quadrangle, 1977. HC, VG, dj,

78. Messner, Reinhold. MY QUEST FOR THE YETI. St. Martin’s, 2000.
HC, 169p , new, dj $5

HC, 374pp, fair, dj, mythology, $20.00

80. Murphy, Christopher L. MEET THE SASQUATCH. Hancock House,
2004. Lg. softbound, 240pp, front cover roughed up, not serious, great

81. O’Donnell, Elliott. WERWOLVES. Methuen, 1912. HC, 12mo, 1st ed.,
292pp. Light foxing to page edges, spine dulled, else a good + first
edition copy of this seldom-seen work. $95.00

The author, 1987. Bklt, 32pp, over 200 references to MD bigfoot en
counters. New, $5.00

83. Redfern, NicK. THREE MEN SEEKING MONSTERS. 2004. Trade
soft, 264pp, new, remainder mark, $9.95

84. _____. SAME. Paraview Pocket, 2004, advance proof copy, fine, $14

85. _____. MEMOIRS OF A MONSTER HUNTER. New Page, 2007.
Trade soft, 255pp, new, $14.95

86. Ricciuti, E.R. KILLERS OF THE SEAS. Walker, ’73, HC, 1st am. Ed., 308p, piranhas, sharks, blowfish, all kinds of toxic & dangerous sea creatures. VG, dj, $4

87. Riggs, Rob. IN THE BIG THICKET. Paraview, ’01, qual. soft, new, $13.95

88. Steenburgh. IN SEARCH OF GIANTS: BIGFOOT SASQUATCH ENCOUNTERS. Hancock House, 2000. Qual. soft, 256pp, new, $12.95

89. Thompson, C.J.S. THE MYSTERY & LORE OF MONSTERS. Univer
sity, ’68, soft, reprint, 256pp, worn, spine creases, $4.00

90. Wright, Dudley. WEREWOLVES. Methuen, 1912. HC, 1st ed., 282pp,
tales of European werewolves. Rare 1st ed., lacks front flyleaf, else
good, solid copy, $95.00

92. Dinsdale. MONSTER HUNT. Acropolis, ’72, HC, 295pp, fair in poor
jacket, $10.00

2195. Albers. THE TERROR. Manor, 1979, 167pp, scarce, good, $25.00
2196. Baumann. BIGFOOT: AMERICA’S ABSM. Worn, kids, $1.00
2197. Byrne. THE SEARCH FOR BIGFOOT. $2.00
2198. Cohen. BIGFOOT. Kids, $2.00
2200. Cornell. THE MONSTER OF LOCH NESS. Kids, $2.00
2201. Costello. IN SEARCH OF LAKE MONSTERS. Fine, $6.00; good, $4.00
2202. DeWitt, Dave. THE MUTE STRATEGY. Sunbelt Pr, 1979, 239p, good,
mute fiction, scarce, $25.00
2205. Guennette. THE MYSTERIOUS MONSTERS. $4.00
2206. Holiday. THE GREAT ORM OF LOCH NESS. $3.00
2207. Hunter & Dahinden. SASQUATCH. $4.00
2208. Hurwood. VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES & GHOULS. $4.00
2209. _____. VAMPIRES, WEREWOLVES & OTHER DEMONS. Kids, poor,
2209A. Kagan & Summers. MUTE EVIDENCE. Bantam, ’84, VG, nice, $25
2210. Landsburg. IN SEARCH OF MYTHS & MONSTERS. $4.00
2211. McNally. A CLUTCH OF VAMPIRES. $5.00
2213. Napier. BIGFOOT. $2.00
2213A. Norman, Eric. THE ABOMINABLE SNOWMEN. Award, ’69, VG, $12
2216. Soule. THE MYSTERY MONSTERS. Poor, $1.00
2207. Steiger. MONSTERS AMONG US. Fine, $5.00
2208. Witchell. THE LOCH NESS STORY. $1.00

1132. Ossendowski, Ferdinand. BEASTS, MEN AND GODS. Dutton, 1923, HC, 11th prtg, 325pp, 1-inch strip along front cover is faded, possibly from damp,not affecting interior, rear hinge tender but not cracked, actually a good copy of this fragile product. $18.00

FAIRIES AND RELATED LITTLE FOLK: A number of rare titles here!!

1921. Briggs, Katherine. A SAMPLER OF BRITISH FOLK-TALES. RKP, 1977. HC, 1st ed. thus, 315pp, abridged from 4-volume original. VG, dj, $25.00

1923. Cowan, James. FAIRY FOLK TALES OF THE MAORI. Whitcombe & Tombs, 1930. HC, 2nd ed., 173pp, scarce New Zealand book on Maori fairy lore. Good, no jacket, $40.00

1925. Crowe, Catherine. THE NIGHT SIDE OF NATURE, OR, GHOSTS AND GHOST SEERS. G. Routledge, 1852. HC, later edition, 12mo, 502pp. Good reading copy. Pages 193-6 (2 leaves) strangely mutilated, with loss of several lines of text and 2 or 3 words, else good, tight copy with later rebacking & new endpapers. $75.00

1930. Lady Gregory. VISIONS & BELIEFS IN THE WEST OF IRELAND. Colin Smythe, 1979. Trade softbound, 365pp, fine, $16.00

1931. _____. A TREASURY OF IRISH MYTH, LEGEND AND FOLKLORE. Gramercy, 1986. HC, 704pp, promotional book on pulp paper, still VG + in jacket, $10.00

1932. Hartland, Edwin S. ENGLISH FOLK AND OTHER FAIRY TALES. Walter Scott Publishing, no date (ca 1900). HC, 282pp. Prize copy, awarded to young student of the era. Good copy, light rubbing, moderate acidification to flyleaves. $15.00

1933. _____. ANOTHER COPY. As above, but lacks half-title page, else good copy. $12.00

1942. Macdougall, James. FOLK TALES AND FAIRY LORE, IN GAELIC AND ENGLISH. John Grant, 1910. HC, Edited by George Calder. 332pp. Foxing to endpapers, wear along edges, a much-used copy but structurally sound, and not often seen. $35.00

1943. Mac Manus, D. A. THE MIDDLE KINGDOM: THE FAERIE WORLD OF IRELAND. Max Parrish, 1959. HC, 192pp, nice copy except for moderate foxing to foreedge. Fine jacket. $25

1944. _____. IRISH EARTH FOLK. Devin Adair, 1959. HC, same as above but 1st Am. Ed. Good in chipped & torn dj, $15.00

1945. MacRitchie, David. FIANS, FAIRIES AND PICTS. Kegan, Paul, Trench, etc., 1893. HC, 1st ed., 78pp. Much on passage graves & fairy raths. VG for age, nice book, $70.00

1946. _____. THE TESTIMONY OF TRADITION. Kegan, Paul, trench, etc., 1890. HC, 205pp, 1st ed. another wonderful title full of archaeology and folklore, and lots of fairies. Good +, $95.00

1947. Meyer, Rudolf. THE WISDOM OF FAIRY TALES. Floris, 1988. HC, 1st English ed., 267pp, fine, dj, $30.00

1948. Morell, Sir Charles. TALES OF THE GENII, OR, THE DELIGHTFUL LESSONS OF HORAM, THE SON OF ASMAR. C. Cooke, no date (ca 1826). Leather bound, 2 vols, 24mo (smaller than paperback). 240, 260pp. 7 engravings as called for. An “Arabian Nights”-style work translated from a Persian manuscript. These volumes are rebacked (modern) and have new spine labels. Original leather is rubbed along extremities. Generally good condition, $110.00

1949. Napier, John. FOLK-LORE: OR, SUPERSTITIONUS BELIEFS IN THE WEST OF SCOTLAND IN THIS CENTURY. Alexander Gardner, 1879. HC, 1st ed., 190pp. Very good for age, paper spine label rubbed and with slight chips. $65.00

1951. Radcliffe, John N. FIENDS, GHOSTS AND SPRITES, INCLUDING AN ACCOUNT OF THE ORIGIN AND NATURE OF BELIEF IN THE SUPERNATURAL. R. Bentley, 1854. HC, 276pp. Rare book, none on the net. This copy reboundin modern cloth, with paper spine label, text browned but still useful. Occasional light marginal pencil marks. $120.00

1954. Sikes, Wirt. BRITISH GOBLINS: WELSH FOLKLORE, FAIRY MYTHOLOGY, LEGENDS AND TRADITIONS. Boston, James Osgood, 1881. HC, 1st. Am. Ed., 412pp. Wonderful gilt cover illus. Highly prized title-first British ed of 1880 runs to over $600 on the net. There are no American 1st eds at all on the net just now. This is a good copy, rear hinge weakening, $250.00

1955. Spence, John. SHETLAND FOLK-LORE. Johnson & Greig, 1899. HC, apparent first ed., 256pp. Fair copy, with spine lean, bookplate, top gilt dusty, $35.00

1956. Spence, Lewis. BRITISH FAIRY ORIGINS. Watts & Co., 1946. HC, 1st ed., 206pp, one of Spence’s classic studies of fairy lore. just fair, lacks jacket, cloth dull, hinges weak. $25.00

1960. Tyson, Edward. PHILOLOGICAL ESSAY CONCERNING THE PYGMIES OF THE ANCIENTS…A.D. 1699. David Nutt, 1894. Soft card cover, 103pp, a scarce book, this copy quite nice, tight, in very good protective wraps. $75.00



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