April 17, 2012

1950s Thylacine Encounters

Over at his blog, The Cryptodane, Lars Thomas relates a fascinating story that involves his mother, a family friend, and the thylacine…

Lars writes: “It seems to me that Danish cryptozoology (i.e. me!) is besieged by letters at the moments. During a recent clean-up, I came across a bundle of letters that used to belong to my mother. She died almost 17 years ago, so I had completely forgotten their existence. Never mind – I was just about to throw them away, when a single word caught my attention; ‘pungulv’ – that’s Danish for ‘thylacine.'”

And what, you may well ask, do those letters reveal? Nothing less than the details of two encounters of the thylacine variety, one in Tasmania and the other in New South Wales, Australia, and both of them in…wait for it…the 1950s.

If that has got your attention, you can find the full article right here. And, as you’ll see from his post, Lars is continuing to dig into this potentially very significant story, so hopefully we may get more data on this as matters progress. I’ll keep you posted.

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