March 28, 2013

A Terror of the Deep at 10


From April 2003 onwards, hysterical, and pretty much near-unbelievable, rumors wildly spread around the English town of Cannock, Staffordshire to the effect that a giant, marauding crocodile was on the loose in the area. Yes, really!

Local police, the nation’s press, and even representatives of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) all wildly rushed to the scene of the action – which was the Roman View Pond (pictured above), just outside of Cannock, and only a 5-minute drive from the village of Pelsall where I grew up. Collectively, they valiantly sought to determine the full facts about what, amongst the local media and the populace, was fast becoming known as the “Cannock Nessie.”

As a result of all the burgeoning publicity that quickly surrounded the odd affair, a team from the Devonshire, England-based Centre for Fortean Zoology – which was led by CFZ Director Jon Downes – headed off from Devon and made their convoy-like way to the little, innocuous pond where all of the monstrous action was said to be taking place.

To “celebrate” the 10th anniversary of this strange affair, I have prepared a lengthy post on it, which you can find right here…

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