May 5, 2014

Analysis in… Todd Standing’s Blinking Bigfoot

I recently completed analysis on one of the still’s Mr. Standing had been putting up on websites, of the alleged video better know as I call it, “Blinky,” the blinking Bigfoot video.

“The Standing Blinking Bigfoot Capture” (Source Todd Standing)

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>My first reaction to the film was, wow interesting, but a trained eye can see the multiple points of focus such as the camera being focused on the very near plant matter, and for some reason appears to be focused down range particularly on the alleged Sasquatch’s face.

In doing some analysis on the still of the video here is what I found…

Software Photo analysis of data.

Analysis of Todd Standing’s Blinking Bigfoot…

Section 1 –  Examining Camera Settings

1. The still of the video is not a still at all but in actuality was a photograph taken with a Canon model EOS 60D.

The Canon EOS 60D

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