November 5, 2014

Bigfootologist is Attacked by Anti-Conspiracy Website

Rhettman A. Mullis Jr., Founder of Bigfootology

“It is impossible to estimate how many of these creatures live in the world, but I would say that just in North America there may be about 100,000 of them”— Rhettman A. Mullis Jr. of Bigfootology

The quote above is a misquote. The original quote from a Union-Bulletin was “‘a very rough estimation’ is there are 100,000 Bigfoots in North America.” Splitting Hairs? Maybe, but we prefer skeptics of Bigfoot research to be a little more accurate in their reporting–especially if they are critical of the endeavor of Bigfoot research. There’s plenty room for healthy criticism regarding our methods and data collection, but the endeavor itself is a prerogative that only those that are searching can judge. criticizes the estimate of a Bigfoot population in North America, decide for yourself if they have a strong argument at Bigfoot Lunch Club: Bigfootologist under Attack

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