November 21, 2015

SasWhat: Talking Squatch and Indie Film with Scott Herriott


Episode 67: Talking Squatch and Indie Film with Scott Herriott

This week Mark and Seth sat down with Scott Herriott. Scott was a co-host on the now-defunct Bigfoot Show and was a staple in the Bigfoot community. Lately, he’s taking new roads as a full-time hiker and filmmaker. We talked about his experiences in the world of “super-indie-filmmaking” and his views on the Bigfoot world.

We also get one of the most detailed recountings of a Bigfoot sighting in history. Thanks, Scott.

No but seriously, visit SquatchFilms.comm and check out some of the projects Mr. Herriott is working on and help support this talented gentleman.

Scott Herriott is a documentarian, former stand-up comic and Bigfoot enthusiast. He won a regional Emmy for his hosting duties on Internet Tonight on ZDTV (later known as TechTV) and was also a contributor on the channel’s The Screen Savers. He was also a contributor on CNN’s NewsNight with Aaron Brown and currently co-hosts “The Bigfoot Show” podcast. His trail name is Squatch, but please don’t call him that at any social events involving tuxedos and/or martinis. He’s been shooting his own documentaries for the last 10 years and makes just enough money to still live with his parents when he’s not off galavanting in the woods.

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