February 26, 2016

iNTO THE FRAY 23: Squatch Off Track


iTF 23 Squatch Off Track

Episode 23 of iNTO THE FRAY has us Off Track in more ways than one. The entire iTF crew attempted a call-in show with Skype… it did not go as planned but know that I am looking into other options to execute this.

Sasquatch: Off Track

I speak for a few minutes first, to Collier Wilmes. He is the director and FX artist for the film he is trying to produce, Sasquatch: Boss of the Forest. They have an IndieGoGo coming up, so look for that on their FB page.

Toby Johnson’s Off Track with Ron Morehead

My main interview is with Toby Johnson. He is an investigator out of Oregon who has had very strange and interesting experiences in the forest when it comes to Sasquatch.

Sasquatch: Off Track

Be sure to check out Toby’s fantastic series… Squatch Off Track.

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