August 28, 2013

John Kirk on Ogopogo

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Great interview. A must listen………….

60 foot Ogopogo ? About a year ago we debated size in the Folden film. You inferred that after research the animal was appox 20 ft. I said you were in the wrong location, the animal had to be over 40 ft. judging by the trees at the shoreline.

I have heard there are numerous trees (logging) in the lake. I think the Folden film rules out a tree because the animal makes a near 90 degree turn.

Could a 60 ft Ogopogo be a log.

Take carekbraun


People tend to think that Ogopogo is and was a single creature. That is not the case. In the 1950s Don Nourse and others observed no less than five juveniles. Paul Demara’s 1991 footage shows between 5 and 7 of them despite what some skeptics think. So that being said, they obviously come in varying sizes during their development.

The creature in Folden’s film is not a log. That is certain. Nor is it a big fish as one noted skeptic keeps saying. I do agree with the skeptics though that the creature in the Folden film is not 60 plus feet long. It can’t be. I was there with two prominent skeptics and a surveying team making laser measurements of the part of Okanagan Lake where Folden obtained his film. The creature was no more than 35 feet long at best. The earlier estimates by the original viewers of the film were off base.

As to a 60 foot Ogopogo. I have seen two at one time in 1989 off Bertram creek park that were both over 60 feet long and they were clearly not logs as they were swimming – one behind the other – and I saw humps not an elongated body. My second sighting in 1987 was the one I spoke of in the interview with Ken Gerhard. Again, I saw humps, a head, a flat neck on the surface of the water and a tail. I am not the only person who has seen the big ones. There is a litany of sightings of animals in excess of fifty feet. Too many to note here.

I am certain I have never misidentified a log as Ogopogo, but I have misidentified Ogopogo as a log in 1990 until the ‘log’ that I and four others saw make splashes and swim off at high speed.

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