May 10, 2012

Penn State’s Searchers of Sasquatch

image Eric Weiss

Here’s an interesting development in the saga of Sasquatch: Mark Kasting, a Penn State junior enrolled in the Eberly College of Science, has established a research group called the Penn State Searchers of Sasquatch. And although Penn has yet to officially recognize the group, such a process has begun. Indeed, on Facebook alone, prospective membership is now well into three-figures.

Kasting, who is planning to do in-the-field research activity, says: “Bigfoot is hitting a cultural crescendo right now.”

For a profile on Kasting and the Penn State Searchers of Sasquatch, click on this link.

And, for a lengthy post on Bigfoot, more about Kasting’s group, his thoughts on the nature of the beast, his plans for the future, and much more, follow this link.

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