November 8, 2012

Provo Canyon Bigfoot Video Stabilized

Bigfoot Lunch Club

BLC artist, Guy Edward, doing a liberal interpretation of the Provo Canyon Bigfoot

As an artist, I understand optical illusions…this is more than an illusionGuy Edwards
Editor of Bigfoot Lunch Club

First, we want to say there simply is not enough visual information in the Provo Canyon Bigfoot video to make a definitive determination. With that said, initially we were certain that foliage in the foreground was creating the negative space defining the Bigfoot’s left arm.

We had a feeling that the yellow foliage in the foreground was creating the negative space between the arm and the body. We felt like this illusion added to the eerie-ness to the action of the Bigfoot standing up, which also made this video a must-watch! After we stabilized and reviewed the slow motion, we definitely found foreground foliage was creating some of the negative space, but behind that there is definitive negative space NOT created by the foreground foliage. In other words the gap between the body and the “arm” is most likely there.

We don’t think this was able to conclude until we saw the stabilized version.

We always felt like the reaction of the videographers/hikers were genuine which we think was the second component of this video being compelling.

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