January 17, 2014

Refutation of Radford

I am mentioned in this article, Ogopogo: Canada’s Loch Ness Monster, and while I enjoyed my collaboration with my good friends Ben Radford and Joe Nickell, I am astonished at Ben’s conclusion regarding the size of the object in the Folden film.

We employed the assistance of a team of professional surveyors to measure distances and the size of objects in the area where the Folden filmed was obtained. I had doubtsvabout the 70 foot length of the object in the film as ascribed by people who were at the initial viewing in 1970.

The lake is very narrow at that point of the lake and using obvious reference points I had come to the conclusion that the creature in the Folden film was definitely not 70 feet long.

However, we used a 26 foot houseboat as a reference point when Ben, Joe and I carried out our comparison in 2005. While we were able to determine that the Folden animal was certainly not 70 feet long, it was substantially larger lengthwise than the houseboat.

In fact a good approximation based on the data at hand and observations of our own, the creature was in the vicinity of 35 feet or half the earlier estimate. To my knowledge there are no 35 foot fish or beavers in Okanagan Lake. Therefore nix the known animals and what are you left with? An unknown animal, that’s what.

Sorry Ben my friend, your hypothesis above just doesn’t wash.

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