January 11, 2015

Sasquatch Chronicles Archive: Down the Rabbit Hole Part 2


SC EP:71 Down the rabbit hole Part 2

Tonight, January 11th at 5pm PST:

Tonight we continue the conversation from SC EP:70. We will finish up the conversation with John, who is a retired police officer. In this episode we bring back Jack to explain the bogus 911 call he was sent out on. We will also be speaking with Bob Garrett and hear first hand what is going on with the government harassment.

Please visit us at www.sasquatchchronicles.com for extended shows. On our website you will find SC EP: 72 where we talk to a forestry worker who had an aggressive encounter with a Sasquatch and also encountered the federal agents we have been speaking about and claims to know one of them.

For full uncut shows visit us at http://www.sasquatchchronicles.com/.

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My name is Shannon LeGro and I've been researching the paranormal since I was a teen, having had my own experience which started me on this path. And for the past several years, a focus on the phenomena that is Sasquatch. I strive to bring a fresh perspective and an open mind to the most intriguing mysteries in our little known universe. Visit my site intothefrayradio.com for more information and the latest episodes of Into the Fray.

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