January 23, 2014

That Darn Cadborosaurus Footage Again!

Post by Lake Monsters.

This footage has been discussed extensively here on Cryptomundo in the past: Alaskan Cadborosaurus

Dr. Paul Leblond and myself are the only two people who have seen all of the footage obtained by Kelly, Jasen and Kyle Nash. We have seen the full on face shot of the head of one of these animals and it is the living breathing double of Cadbosorsaurus willsi or the Naden Harbour carcass if your prefer.

There is no blowhole. That is spray coming off the back of one of the animals as it surfaces while moving at very high speed. They are not narwhals, sturgeon, pinnipeds, pilot whales or any known animal. There is a pod of belugas that go after these animals and I have never seen belugas behave in such an aggressive and frenzied manner. It is obvious that they did not know what these things were wither and went after them. There is one scene that was not shown in Alaskan Monster Hunt where two large ones shield a juvenile from an attacking beluga. Quite amazing stuff.

We at the BCSCC have finally ascertained what happened to the footage and will be letting our members know first through the BCSCC Quarterly. At a later time we will be happy to show with others.

Kelly Nash wanted to make a pile of money off this. He contacted us in April 2009, but we weren’t hopeful of what he had to be honest. The images were not very good, but as Paul and I were both going to be in Washington State on our way home from the Bob Gimlin tribute in Yakima we felt we should have separate viewings then compare notes. What we saw floored us. BCSCC members will soon find out what happened to the missing footage. It is real and we were privileged to see it.

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