September 6, 2014

Dung-Heaps, Devil-Pigs, and Monckton’s Gazeka

With an area of more than 340,000 square miles, New Guinea is second only to Greenland as the largest island in the world (Australia is bigger than both but is officially deemed an island continent, rather than a mere island). Throughout its length and breadth, however, are dense and often little-explored rainforests where various surprising new species of animal have been revealed in recent years – and also where several more may still await discovery, judging from reports on file of certain bizarre beasts that cannot be satisfactorily reconciled by science with any species known to exist here.

Devil-pig, sepia tint, Marc Dupont

(c) Marc Dupont

The history of what must surely be among the most intriguing of these varied New Guinea cryptids – the spectacular and sometimes terrifying devil-pig – began in a distinctly prosaic, unromantic manner, via the finding of an unexpected pile of dung. In 1875, the eminent English scientific journal Nature carried a couple of letters from Alfred O. Walker concerning the recent discovery by Lieutenant Sidney Smith and Captain Moresby from H.M.S. Basilisk of a startlingly large heap of fresh dung in a forest while surveying on PNG’s north coast, between Huon Bay and Cape Basilisk. Indeed, the pile of excrement in question was so big and its overall appearance was such that the men assumed it to have been left by some form of rhinoceros. Yet there is no known species of rhino native to New Guinea – so what kind of creature was responsible for it?

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