June 22, 2012

That “UFO-Slug” Story

While the “slug-UFO” story provided to me yesterday by Stan Gordon is undeniably as fascinating as it is weird, it’s not alone. I’ll tell you what I mean by that.

I have a new book out right now, titled The Pyramids and the Pentagon, which is a study of how government, military and intelligence agencies have taken an interest in the mysteries of the past: ancient stone-circles, the Pyramids of Egypt, Noah’s Ark, the Dead Sea Scrolls and much more.

One of the cases in the book occurred in 1962 at the site of the famous standing-stones of Avebury, England. In this affair, the witness had seen a strange, floating ball of light moving around the stones one evening, when something very weird happened. Here’s the way I describe the event in an extract from the book:

“The ball then stopped around fifteen feet from her, as small amounts of what looked like liquid metal slowly and silently dripped from it to the ground. Then, in an instant, the ball exploded in a bright, white flash. For a moment the witness was blinded by its intensity and she instinctively fell to her knees. When her eyes cleared, however, she was faced with a horrific sight. The ball of light had gone, but on the ground in front of her was what she could only describe as a monstrous, writhing worm. The creature, said the woman, was about five feet long, perhaps eight or nine inches thick, and its skin was milk-white in color. As she slowly rose to her feet, the creature’s head turned suddenly in her direction and two bulging eyes opened. When it began to move unsteadily towards the woman in a caterpillar-like fashion, she emitted a hysterical scream and fled the scene.”

So, we have two cases, both linked with unidentified aerial phenomena, and in both a weird-looking creature appears. In the case investigated by Stan Gordon, the witness described “…finding a large slug-like creature slithering in the weeds. The ‘thing’ was shiny black like a slug with no apparent eyes or appendages. It measured between 2.5 – 3 feet in length and 7 – 8 inches in thickness.”

And in the 50-year-old UK case, the witness encountered: “…a monstrous, writhing worm…about five feet long, perhaps eight or nine inches thick, and its skin was milk-white in color.”

Yes, there are differences. But, there are similarities, too. We have two cases, separated by vast distances, and half a century, and they both have a connection between UFOs and slug/worm creatures various described as “slithering” and “writhing.”

Maybe it’s all just a big coincidence. On the other hand, perhaps there’s more going on. Exactly what, I don’t know. But, I intend doing some deep digging to try and determine if any other, similar reports exist…

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