April 29, 2014

An ABC of British “Werecats”


My latest article for New Page Books’ Creature of the Month column is on the matter of the “Alien Big Cat” (or ABC) phenomenon in Britain. But, the article does not go where you might expect it to go. And as for the strictly “flesh and blood brigade,” the story goes down a path they will hate.

Here (below) is an extract from the article, which will give you an idea of what I mean, and here’s the link to the complete piece.

“Although many ABC researchers cringe and squirm when the matter is brought up, the fact is there are more than a few reports on record that place the ABCs in a category that is less flesh and blood-based and far more paranormally-themed. There are cases of the ABCs vanishing – literally – before the eyes of astonished witnesses. People report large black cat encounters in old graveyards, within ancient stone circles, and even – on a few occasions – in association with UFO sightings. And then there is…something else. I have in my files four cases – spanning 1953 to 1988 – in which witnesses to ABCs described the creatures rearing up onto their hind legs. Yes, we are talking about nothing less than huge, black, bipedal cats. All of which brings us to the world of shape-shifters.”

Enjoy! Or, if your blood-pressure gets raised every time I make a connection – here at Cryptomundo – between Cryptozoology and the world of the paranormal, don’t enjoy…


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