April 22, 2015

Giant Worms and Lake Monsters


There’s a new crypto-themed feature from me at Mysterious Universe that deals with an intriguing aspect of British-based lake monster accounts. It starts as follows (and here’s the link):

“My recent article on the legend of the ‘giant worm’ of Linton, Scotland, led a couple of people to contact me and inquire if I suspect the ‘worms’ of centuries past are the very same creatures that are said to lurk in Loch Ness and other large bodies of waters – in both Scotland and England. Well, yes, I actually do think that’s a very real possibility.

“If the Nessies (and I use the term ‘Nessies’ because, if they are flesh and blood beasts, then there has to be a fairly significant number of them) exclusively live in the deep waters, I would say no. As for why I would say no, it’s because the worms of old were often seen roaming the landscape, and provoking havoc and mayhem in the process. But, here’s the important thing: there are far more than a few reports of the creatures of Loch Ness being seen on the land – and not just in the water.”

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