December 6, 2012

Wildman! – The Contents

A couple of people have asked me what kinds of cases and theories for the British Bigfoot appear in my new book, Wildman!, which is the first full-length study of the phenomenon of hairy man-beasts in the UK. Well, the easiest way to answer that question of cases and theories, is to share with you the “Contents” list, which reads like this:

Chapter 1: Woodwose and Wild Men
Chapter 2: Tales of the Green Man
Chapter 3: The Apes of Shugborough
Chapter 4: Nightmare in 1971
Chapter 5: The Cursed Canal
Chapter 6: Welsh Wild Men
Chapter 7: The Creature of the Lake
Chapter 8: Dartmoor’s Hairy Hands
Chapter 9: London’s Underground Monstrosities
Chapter 10: The Tragic Tale of Patient X
Chapter 11: Shug Monkeys on the Loose
Chapter 12: A Bridge to Weird
Chapter 13: Slitting Mill’s Hairy Trolls
Chapter 14: ‘The silence was strange, the landscape unfamiliar…’
Chapter 15: The Cleadon Creature
Chapter 16: A Monstrous Castle
Chapter 17: Go Wild in the Country
Chapter 18: Monsters of the Magic Ring
Chapter 19: The Beasts of Derbyshire
Chapter 20: A Cackling Creature in an Irish Castle
Chapter 21: Sasquatch on the Chase
Chapter 22: A Real Life Stig of the Dump
Chapter 23: Southern Archives
Chapter 24: The Big Gray Man of the Mountains
Chapter 25: Bigfoot in Scotland
Chapter 26: The Littlefoot Phenomenon
Chapter 27: The Baboons of Britain
Chapter 28: Old Ned’s Devil and More

Chapter 29: A Flesh and Blood Animal?
Chapter 30: Fakery in the U.K.
Chapter 31: The Myth of Menageries and Missing Animals
Chapter 32: Welcome to the Ghost Apes
Chapter 33: From Man to Beast
Chapter 34: UFOs: Connections and Controversies
Chapter 35: Beasts of the Mind
Chapter 36: Mutilations and Anomalous Animals
Chapter 37: Of Hairy Men, Beastly Bridges, and Water-Horses
Chapter 38: From Neolithic to Neanderthal
Chapter 39: Panic on the Mountain
Chapter 40: Rebooting to the Realm of Monsters

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