March 8, 2012

Letters From The Big Man DVD Available

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A frame from the Letters from the Big Man trailer

We were able to get an advance screening copy of Letters and were so pleased with the respect Christopher Munch infused into this magical film about our favorite hairy guy known as Sasquatch. It stands alone as a great piece of film and the musical score is hypnotic, matching the northwest scenery and the feeling that something is safely watching you. As you faithful readers know we have covered Lettes from the Big Man extensively. You can click the following link to read our previous coverage of Letters from the Big Man.

Before we talk about the critical acclaim this movie has received, we want to send you to the Letters’ Kickstarter Page where you can get the DVD. It gets better, there is stuff for those who want more! Either the options below also gets you the DVD too!

This movie transcends Sasquatchploitation, Christopher Munch worked hard on a script and with Creature F/X artist Lee Romaire to achieve a “true-to-life” version of the Sasquatch we all respect. When an artist of this caliber and stature handles a subject we all love so much I think we as a community should support him and the film he created. Buy your DVD (or more) at the Letters’ Kickstarter Page.

Okay here is what the New York Times said about Letters from the Big Man:

If there is one thing above all that defines Mr. Munch’s work, it is a disarming sincerity, a willingness to risk awkwardness and even absurdity by taking seriously an outlandish premise. Imagining the lost weekend John Lennon spent with the Beatles manager Brian Epstein in Barcelona, Spain, “The Hours and Times” is at once tactful and assured in its conjectures. “Harry and Max” (2004) treats with almost surreal matter-of-factness the relationship between two incestuous brothers who both happen to be in boy bands.

Mr. Munch’s wholehearted commitment to eccentric material has never been clearer than in his new film, “Letters From the Big Man,” a parable about man and nature in the form of a beauty-and-the-beast tale, involving a forestry worker (Lily Rabe) and a sasquatch (Isaac C. Singleton Jr. in a hairy bodysuit and face makeup).

“Letters,” which opens at the IFC Center in Manhattan this Friday, grew out of Mr. Munch’s desire to make a movie in the Klamath-Siskiyou eco-region of southwestern Oregon. “Connection with landscape is a fundamental thing for me,” he said over Skype recently from a cabin he was renting in rural Oregon, not far from where he shot the film. “It’s always a way in — to understand a physical geography and to feel close to aspects of a place.”

This expanse of Pacific Northwest wilderness, with its green mountain ridges and crystalline rivers, is also a repository of sasquatch lore. Mr. Munch’s views on the phenomenon changed as he researched it. As recently as six or seven years ago, he said, “it was not something I had any sense about.” Looking at depictions in popular culture, he found only jokey curios: B movies with titles like “The Legend of Boggy Creek.” But the more time Mr. Munch spent in the region the more determined he was to make a film that aligned with the view of indigenous cultures in which, he said, the “sasquatch is honored and sought out for his wisdom.”New York Times

We couldn’t have said it better. Buy your DVD (or more) at the Letters’ Kickstarter Page. We, (Bigfoot Lunch Club) put our money where our mouth is and pledged the $75 package.

Here’s a letter from Christopher himself:

Dear friends,

We have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the home video release of Letters from the Big Man.  If you are interested in owning a DVD of the film (and many people have written in about this), we urge you to visit our Letters’ Kickstarter Page

By contributing $25, you will receive the commercially manufactured DVD, including bonus material, prior to its release to the general public. You will only be charged (securely, by Amazon payments) on or about April 1, 2012, if the full funding goal is reached.  The estimated delivery date of your disc is beginning of May.  There are other rewards available for different levels of contribution, which are outlined on the page.

Thank you very much for your continued interest in our film.

Sincerely, Christopher Munch.

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