May 20, 2016

Smokey Crabtree Inducted into Ohio Bigfoot Hall of Fame

On May 14 at the 2016 Ohio Bigfoot Conference, Julius “Smokey” Crabtree was honored posthumously with an induction into the Ohio Bigfoot Hall of Fame. The honor was presented by conference organizer Marc DeWerth and commemorated by the elegant plaque shown in the photo below. Myself and Bryan Impey had the great honor of accepting the plaque on behalf of the late Mr. Crabtree and his family. We will be presenting it to Smokey’s son, J.E. Crabtree of Texarkana, in recognition of Smokey’s timeless contributions to The Legend of Boggy Creek and to Bigfoot research. 

Like the creature he sought to prove, Smokey has become a legend himself and will always remain as one of the key pioneers in this research field. 

Rest in Peace, my friend.



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