February 7, 2014

Animals & Men: Issue 51


Just a couple of days ago, I received a copy of the new issue (No. 51) of the Center for Fortean Zoology’s in-house magazine Animals & Men.

As always it’s an excellent issue, and professionally published, with a full-color, glossy, card cover and dozens of interior, color photos too.

Highlights of the new issue (which runs to 50 pages) include:

1. A round-up of cryptozoological news;
2. An article on the recent CFZ expedition to Tasmania, in search of surviving Thylacines;
3. A feature on the latest CFZ quest to find the Orang Pendek of Sumatra;
4. A review of the CFZ’s latest Weird Weekend conference;
5. Various book reviews;
6. And Corinna Downes’ Watcher of the Skies column.

If all of that has got you interested in subscribing to the magazine, contact the editor (and CFZ head-honcho) Jon Downes right here.

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